torsdag 24. oktober 2013

Kida the Atlantis princess

How to shape a gigantic mask!
First I sprayed expanding foam on a huge piece of cardboard. It's important to wait until it is completely dry before shaping it, as it a bit toxic and can ruin your knives. 
I used a little knife with a bent blade because that is easier to shape round surfaces with. After the shaping of the foam I laid a lair of Paper Mache.
Paper Mache is newspaper dipped in a wet mix of water and flour. 

I added the teeth from leftover foam and I used  half of a clothes hanger for the longer teeth. Than I added plaster on it to get a smooth surface. Sanding, sanding, plaster and more sanding. Then I got the smothered surface I needed.

I sprayed the whole mask with a paint that will protect the plaster. It's just a base paint.

Than the acrylic paint of fun start, I did this part with my best friend, Kristina Johansen, she helped me to mix the right color and she deserves credit for that. It is always better to be creative with others.

Adding fur and lights really made the final look, and adding the backpack on the inside made it easy to wear, not that I saw much by wearing it anyway. I had my own setup to have fun in there. I had water bottle with a straw, my phone hang in there and I had a brush for my wig, all the important stuff for a convention day.



You can see the backpack set up at the picture above. I made her jewelry crystal from a stone and metal wire, very basic. Her top is just a top from Gina Tricot. The skirt is easy sewn out of three colors together to match her skirt, I didn't use a pattern or anything, only free hand. And for her legwarmers and armwarmer, I just used the same fur fabric I had for the mask.

Making the armor pieces was only Paper Mache over balloons and a plastic bottle. The same goes with plaster and sanding for a nice smooth surface.
After getting the smoothness I desired I painted it with normal acrylic paint. (the spikes are just thick cardboard stuffed with more plaster)
On the inside of this armor I used a lot of duct tape to make it stronger.
The final touch it the styling of the wig. This was my first styling of a wig, so excuse my "noob" job. You can see how I did it on the picture above.
Then I would show all the fantastic pictures Danarki have taken of me in my Kida outfit.


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