mandag 21. oktober 2013

I'm blaming Australia

Hey all you wonderful people who want to read about my cosplay life and the tutorials I write. I know I've been terrible at posting new stuff lately (in fact all year), but from now on it will be more "juice" for you.
 I'm blaming Australia, my year as a working holiday backpacker have made it hard to blog.
I want to give you the small summary for this year; 
 I have been known as the girl in the Lollipop Chainsaw outfit. I have made a new chainsaw in actual fiberglass, and that's the first time I have made something in this material and I did it while backpacking! 
I got to meet some celebs, and got to experience the conventions the Australian way.
Here are some photos from this year of a traveling cosplayer.

Carl Urban

Carrie Fisher

Aidan Turner

David Hasselhoff

James and Oliver Phelps

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