tirsdag 19. november 2013


Masakaki from The Money of Soul and Possibility Control.
This is my first commission costume. Making a costume for someone else is a little bit more difficult, but it was very fun.
For anyone who want's to order something from me, just remember that I need to use you as a mannequin a couple of times, to make the fitting right. That means you can't live too far away.
Over to how I made it all.
First up I found a similar jacket and pants at a thrift shop. That made it easy for me to modify it to how it actually looks in the series.

I sewed purple cotton fabric around the collar and a little cotton piece to put in the chest pocket.  I could only find one type of fabric in pink with white polka dots and that was in fleece,
 so that just had to work.
For the Midas logo I had embroider it by hand.
 I sewed in some metal wires for making the jacket get the hourglass look as it is very anime style.
For the pants, I just shortened them to knee height.      
How to make a vest is simply use the patterns from your favorite vest that fit you perfectly. You use transparent food paper to draw the pattern on, cut out the patterns. Then transfer the pattern to the fabric and cut and sew the pieces together. And there you have a vest.
If the fabric is too soft as mine is here, just iron some vliselin on the backside of the fabric.
To make the out-lines beautiful and have it look good on the inside too, cut out another set of fabric in same size patterns and sew both sets together with the outside in and turn it inside out, then iron.
I had to line up chess patterns myself because I couldn't find any fabric with patterns on from the beginning, it's not that hard to do it yourself, just be patient and use a fabric marker.
Sew on buttons and buttonholes then the vest is finish.
How to make a hat, I did it the same way I made my Steampunk hats. The only different part was this is more round and very big, and the gold patterns are gold ribbons that are superglued on.
The buttons are spray painted silver and are for the pink and purple capes.
When it comes to the "hot pink" knee high socks, you would think it's easy to find them in any store or on eBay, that's at least what I thought, but NO. I looked everywhere and nothing to be found. So I had to improvise. I bought a sweater on sale from Gina Tricot and sewed it to some legwarmers. No one will tell the difference.
  How I made the cane.
First off I needed to find the cane itself. After going to twenty different thrift shops I found one. And the fun begins, all I had to do with the cane was cutting off the top, sanding it, and give it a nice layer off red oil base. 
I shaped the face in clay and made it ready for the ears to be glued on.
The ears are just Werewolf Ears.
Making the triangle where "Midas" is written I laid Paper Mache over a soda can, let it dry and laid plaster on top, let it dry and sanded it down. Repeat with plaster and sanding, and use more clay to shape the neck. 
After it dries then add the "Midas" letters with a glue gun. 
I spray pained it with a base paint that will protect the plaster and clay before I sprayed it with silver paint.   
The final look
Chris André Aakre in full suit
Me as Kida from Atlantis and Chris André Aakre
Close up shot of Chris André Aakre and details around the neck