onsdag 23. desember 2015

Cat Splicer Bioshock Mask

A perfect Christmas present

What is more perfect than a homemade Christmas present? I would love it if friends and family made me something from scratch. 
This mask is very easy to make, you can finish it in one day. 

Take a pre-made cat mask, I got this one from Panduro.
Start with drawing the decorations so you know where to add the glue.
This is Hot glues best side! It is very easy to make filigree with hot glue. Squeeze the glue slowly following the markings. For better control of where the glue is placed, simply dip your finger in cold water and smooth out the fine shapes. The cold helps for not burning your finger and the water helps for the glue not sticking to your finger and ruin your nice markings.
When the glue markings are done, then cut away some parts for a  damaged and thorn look. If it is parts where the glue isn't that nice then that's a perfect place to cut away. You are making this mask after what happened in Rapture, so it need a lot of weathering. 
Prime the whole front and back with wood-glue. 
Paint the whole thing with white acrylic paint and paint the markings brown. You have to paint over the brown parts with gold paint later, but since gold paint cover very poorly then its good to have a base paint in brown. 
 All the gold is painted and its time to add shade to the paint, I used an Airbrush with black paint, but you can use brushes or sponges for the same shaded look.
After the black airbrushing, I went over with a sponge with yellow paint, to get an even older and more vintage look. 
I also added some cracks with a very thin brush and black paint. 
Final look is a transparent varnish. 
You can splash "blood" on it for a more in action Splicer look, it's just dark red paint that is wet enough to splash/throw it on with a brush or your fingertips. It is a fun thing to do just be careful to not hit everything else around you. 

Make it for yourself or as a present, I can promise it will be a hit! 

Happy Christmas 



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