onsdag 3. september 2014

Twisted Coraline, button eyes turtorial

How to make your own gelatin special effect makeup, well this is a first for me.

 I hope I do it well enough for you all to understand. I use mostely pictures for showing you.

My idea was to make my sweet Coraline cosplay into a horror image. I was going to Torucon and the theme was post apocalyptic, so I played arround white the idea "What if Coraline had a different ending, that she becomes a produckt of the Other Mothers world". That will be post apocalyptic for this movie right?

I went to the Google machine and tried to get some referance pictures

So what I wanted was to make the button eyes, because the coat and the doll I already made 3 years earlier
(Want to see how I made the rain jacket and the doll, klikk HERE for jacket and HERE for doll)

Here is pictures for how i did the eyes
Use a mask to build your eye on but cover the eye holes on the back of the mask.

Cut out the size you want the buttons to be out of carboard.

add paper clay for building up a surface for the buttons

 Add carboard buttons and build them how you want them to stick out from the mask/your head. You want the clay to be wet the whole time, it is easier to remove from the plaster that way.
Build up a wall for the plaster.

Add plaster and wait until it's harden.
Remove the clay parts and then you have your mold.

The ingrediens for the gelatin effect
Picture stolen from Chrix Design, where she show you how to do exactly the same only explained better than me.

 Blend these ingredients and heat in the microwave for not more then 20sec at the time (it shall not boil).
when it's all blended and hot, you can pour it on your plaster mold.

Bettcanard Design

Photo by Danarki

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  1. So awessuumm!! Really clear instructions. I think i have learned something today :-D

    1. Thank you, and it really makes me happy to hear that it's easy to read and see my intructions :D

  2. I managed to make the mold of the eyes but how do you attach it to your face and do the make-up over the mold?

  3. SO excited to have found this!!! I have future plans for an Other Mother cosplay, but this'll also be great for my voodoo doll costume I'm doing for Halloween!

  4. How do you fasten the eyes on you?