søndag 1. desember 2013

Lollipop Chainsaw costume + chainsaw 1.0

"Mmmmh strawberries, my favorite!"
 When I started on this costume I had no idea how to make a chainsaw, and now I have made two, and they both look awesome. I am equally proud of them both.
This post is just about my first chainsaw, but before I talk about my chainsaw progress I will show and tell you about my cheerleader costume, and the Nick head.  
The skirt wasn't easy to make at all. This part was actually the hardest bit about the whole costume. Making the folds and making sure they were not too thick for the sewing machine was the first big problem. To make the pink pieces stay on the right spot was problem number two. To solve that, I used double-sided viseline and ironed the pink in every folder. Sewing did not work since it really did not look good. When the bottom part was done, I sewed it together to the top part of the skirt. The top part of the skirt is an easy joining of two colors, straight with a little "V" in front.
The belt is faux leather that is sewed in two straight lines. I attached some metal grommets and found a useful belt buckle which is not easy to find. Skirt *sigh* done!    
How I made the top was to use a sports bra I already had, and sew the fabric to the sports bra. Pictures show very well how I did that. And the label is printed out on paper that is for ironing prints on clothes, so I just ironed it on my top.
Here is the transparent paper for your printer;

 "I love you Nick"
How to make a Nick head is to get your painting skills on and paint a face on a Styrofoam head, then glue a wig on, (of course I had to try the wig on myself first). Find a  neck protector and add a tie. And that's your Nick head.  
Chainsaw construction
I started construction with some pieces of cardboard that I glued and shaped. I forgot to take pictures of the steps in between but basically I used a bunch of different garbage, and that's not easy to explain anyway. But I got very far with only using plaster and gold paint.
 I attached some circular speakers that will be plugged into my phone. So one side of the chainsaw will have speakers and play the soundtracks from the game (because that's what is going on in the game, she is going around listening to rock music while she is killing zombies "Genius"). And the other side of the chainsaw is my phone that controls the music, and gives the chainsaw a display.
Here is another in progress picture that is showing you what the rest of the chainsaw is made of. And that is a vine carton (goon box), and my mother's side grass cutter (it was practically broken before I ripped it apart). I attached these two together and filled the inside of the box with expanding foam, to stabilize the box. Then the paint job starts. It had to be painted black about five times to get a completely covered surface. While that was drying I made the blade.    

The blade is four layers of cardboard glued together and filled and shaped to perfection. I covered it with plaster so all the loopholes are filled. Next I had to sand it then repeat the process with plaster and sanding again.
I started spray painting it black first, then I covered it so I could only spray the silver on the spikes. Then I hand painted the pink in the heart and glued the metal dots on.
After I finished all of the black layers on this part I covered up the black I needed, so I could spray on a layer of gold. Then I attached the speaker and screen piece. Now the chainsaw only needs its red handle. 

To shape the handle, I used my hairdryer to bend a plastic pipe. I sprayed it red and then I attached it with screws, and the chainsaw is finished.
The final result  


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  1. I'm saving this. Thank you so much

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